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Garden Apartments 

(indoor/outdoor access)

$19 per day

Kitty Condo

(all indoors)

$18 per day

Cat Playtime


15 -20 minutes each
up to (3) times per day

$7 each


Separate cattery not connected to our main building (quiet and away from any dog barking)


Inside of cattery 


Garden apartment porches
(cats may access the porches as they desire)

DoG bED.webp


Regular 4x16ft. Run

Up to 25lbs        $22

26lbs - 50lbs      $23
51lbs - 90lbs      $24
91lbs & above   $25


The Four Paws Inn Deluxe Suites

Large (6x8)- $60 
Medium (6x6) - $50 
Small  (5x4) - $40 

*Each additional pet in the same suite is $25

Dog Playtime 15 to 20 minutes each up to (3) three times per day $8 each

Dog Walks 5 to 10 minutes each up to (3) times per day $6 each

Doggie Daycare (same day drop off and pick up): $27 includes 1 walk and 1 playtime



  • All ACTIVE military $1.00 off the normal rate

  • All Active Military members being deployed that do not have someone to care for their pet stay free of charge 

  • 2nd Pet in same run $1.00 off the normal rate.

  • Due to insurance purposes and the extra responsibility to care for your pet there will be a $1.00 fee per time given to administer your pet’s medications, supplements, vitamins, ointments, etc.

  • Two (2) day Minimum CHARGE year round (your pet may stay less than two days but will be charged for two days regardless)

  • Five (5) day Minimum CHARGE for the weeks of July 4th, Thanksgiving & Christmas.

  • The FIRST DAY checked in you will be charged for that day no matter the time of check in.

  • The LAST DAY pickup Monday through Saturday BEFORE 12 NOON you are not charged for that day; the last day pick up AFTER 12 NOON Monday through Saturday there is an additional day charge.

  • All Sunday pickups are charged for the day.


  • 48 Hour Reservation Notice for cancellation or changes or you will be charged.

  • If you make a reservation and do not show, you will be charged for the time reserved.

  • New reservations are not allowed until those charges have been paid.


  • All Vaccines must be current & should be done 10 - 14 days prior to boarding.

  • Bordetella vaccines need to be renewed every (6) six months.

  • Please bring your pet's vaccination records or have your vet's office fax them to us at Fax (803) 345-1422

What types of shots are required?

  • Dogs: DHLP, Rabies, Bordetella, & K9 Influenza (Recommended but not required)

  • Cats: Felines Distemper, Rabies, and Feline Leukemia


  • Sundays we are open from 1:00PM until 6:00PM.

  • All Sunday pickups are charged for the day regardless of the time.

  • We close at 3:00PM on Christmas Eve & New Years Eve.

  • We are CLOSED on Easter, 4th of July, Labor day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day & New Year's Day.

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