How long has Chapin Pet Lodge been in business?
Family owned and operated since 1987.

How many runs do you have?
We have 115 runs for dogs and 42 cat runs
(18 kitty condos and 24 garden apartments).
We started out with 20 dog runs and 9 cat runs.

How big are the runs?
Dog runs 4ft x 16ft
Cat runs 2ft (H) x 4ft (W) x 2ft (L)

How often do you feed the pets?
We normally feed the pets at 4:00pm,
but we will gladly follow your specific directions

What type of food do you use?
We feed the dogs Purina Chicken & Rice
and the cats Purina Cat Chow.

Can I bring my own food?
Yes! Any treats or food are welcome.
There is a refrigerator in the kitchen for anything
that needs to be kept cool.

Will I be charged extra for my own food or medication?

What about medication?
No problem! We use either cream cheese or
peanut butter to administer medication. No needles.

What happens if my pet gets sick?
We contact the Veterinarian immediately.
We will then contact the owner if necessary.

What types of shots do you require?
Dogs: DHLP, Rabies, Bordetella & Flu
Cats: Felines Distemper, Rabies, and Feline Leukemia

Can I call to check on my pet?
Most certainly.

Are the runs inside or outside?
All dog runs are indoor with central heat and air.
Cats are able to go out on the screen porch
to lay out if they want. The cat runs are also
furnished with central heat and air.

What if my pet is afraid of new places or people?
We never force a pet to do anything he/she doesn't want to do.

My pet is small, can I request for it to stay in the front?
Yes. Small, quieter pets stay in the front,
and the louder pets stay in back.

Who owns the pet lodge?
Jeff Murray owns the Chapin Pet Lodge with
his sons, Will and Mac. 

Have a question for us?  Please send us an email!  ChapinPet@gmail.com